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Apparel & Footwear

Global leader in stretch filament for fabrics and nonwovens. Major producer of nonwoven components for the shoe industry.

Cha Technologies Group is a major player in supplying the footwear industry with liner materials and insole boards, as well as supplying the apparel industry with stretch yarns.

Stretch yarns

Our Haining Xin Gao Fibres Co., Ltd (HXG) facility in China produces a range of clear, colored, low melt spandex and bicomponent yarns. Applications for these include hosiery, underwear and sweaters. The low melt spandex produces a ladder resistant (anti-run) performance, perfect for hosiery products.

Our CM800 filament yarn is a high performance stretch product that is available in heavy denier form for the denim industry, mid-denier for high-density fabrics and fine denier for circular knitting. A colored assortment is also available for wool fabrics application.

Other products that serve this industry include a specialty bi-component nylon yarn and a splittable yarn, which enables microfiber filament to be processed. We also produce PLA, which is extruded from a biodegradable synthetic polymer, which has a growing number of applications.


Haining Textile Allied Industry Co., Ltd (HTA) in China is a worldwide leading producer of nonwoven components for the shoe industry using our needlepunch and stitchbonded techniques.

Staple Fiber

Fiber Innovation Technology Inc (FIT) and Haining Xin Neng Fibers & Nonwoven Ltd (HXN) produce a large variety of bicomponent fibers as well as PLA (Polylactic Acid) for specific applications.