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Stretch Filament

Spandex and bicomponent filament yarns for demanding apparel applications

Our Haining Xin Gao Fibres Co., Ltd (HXG) was established in Haining City, Zhejiang Province, China in 2001 as a state of the art manufacturer of melt-spun spandex. Specialty filament yarn capacity was introduced separately to our spandex workshop in 2006 and expanded in 2015 to allow production of bicomponent filament yarns from a variety of thermoplastic polymers. A competitive advantage of our production process is the ability to produce dope dye, where color is introduced at the extrusion stage, making it inherent to the filament yarn. From this process we are able to produce a wide variety of colors for the apparel industry.

Bicomponent filament yarns

  • CM800 – Ranging from heavy denier 300-600 de (denim), mid-denier 75-200 de (high density fabric) to fine 25-50 de (lining and circular knitting), this conjugate filament yarn is extruded from two polymers with a differential viscosity. Applying heat to the yarn results in a spring-like structure. This can be weaved into fabrics, with good stretch and recovery properties as well, heat,aging, chlorine and chemical resistance. A variety of color options are available, ideal for stretch wool fabric
  • Splittable Yarn – A microfiber of 0.13dpf is obtained by physically or chemically treating the bicomponent filament – composed of two different polymers – split into a structured arrangement. The result is a fabric with excellent hand touch and moisture absorption.
  • PLA Filament – Composed of a biodegradable synthetic polymer offering desirable properties such as low flammability, natural antimicrobial properties and UV stability. Available in a wide color selection.
  • Bi-component Nylon – Constructed from a regular nylon inner core with an outer layer/sheath of low melt nylon. This bicomponent filament yarn allows thermal where the low melt sheath interacts and bonds with other filaments.



Our spandex gives excellent stretch and is popular in hoisery and sweater applications. Our HXG site quickly expanded to increase capacity and improve product quality.

HXG produces a range of melt-spun spandex monofilament yarns in deniers 10 dpf to 40 dpf:

  • Clear Spandex – Possesses comfortable stretch, suitable for use in hosiery, underwear and sweaters.
  • Colored Spandex – Used in high-grade fabrics where no fabric dyeing is required. Color is introduced at extrusion stage (dope-dying), making it inherent to the yarn. A variety of color options are available.
  • Low Melt Spandex – High performance product, which is ladder resistant (anti-run), perfect for hosiery.