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The Cha Group

The Cha Group was founded in 1949 by Dr. Cha Chi Ming in Hong Kong by establishing China Dyeing Works Limited.

Today, the Cha Group is a global conglomerate with diversified businesses in property, technology, textiles, financial services and healthcare.


The Cha Group’s internationally acclaimed Discovery Bay project in Hong Kong is a recognized showcase of unique green township development with exceptional facilities. Mingly Corporation (“Mingly”)HKR International Limited , and Hanison Construction Holdings Limited (the latter two being listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange) handle the Cha Group’s real estate businesses in Asia, while C.M. Capital Corporation invests in and manages the Group’s real estate assets in the United States.


Cha Technologies Group is the parent company of a group that manufactures specialty nonwovens, fibers and yarns for industrial applications, delivering products and services globally, servicing demanding markets with tailored solutions


With over 60 years of development, The Cha Group’s African wax-printing accounts for a large part of its global operations, while its textile facilities in China offer one-stop shopping serving textile-for-apparel needs in the international market.

Financial Services

The Cha Group’s principle investment and fund management activities are managed by Mingly in Hong Kong and C.M. Capital Advisors, LLC  (“CMCA”) in the US. For over four decades, the Group has built a strong professional alliance in investments, financial advisory and asset management with special focus on the Chinese and US markets.


GenRx Holdings Limited was established in 2000 as a regional healthcare service provider to capture the growing demand for private services of the increasingly affluent Asian citizens. The Group partners with world-class medical experts and institutions in establishing advanced specialty medical services.

Group Charities

Dr. Cha Chi Ming and family established the Sang Ma Trust Fund and the Qiu Shi Science & Technologies Foundation to support China’s technology development since the 1990s. They have awarded over RMB130 million to 5,000 outstanding Chinese scientists and researchers altogether. The Group was also the first Hong Kong enterprise being honored with “Cooperative Partner of China Space” and “The China Space Special-Use Clothing” in 2003 by the China Space Foundation. Furthermore, the Cha Textile’s logo was among the few meaningful articles from Hong Kong being chosen to be carried to space in the Shenzhou 6 space mission in 2005.

In the US, the Group set up the C.M. Capital Foundation to support local charities in the West Coast of the United States.

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