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Staple Fibers

Advanced fiber technology devoted to meeting your specific needs

Staple fibers are manufactured at both our Fiber Innovation Technology, Inc. (US) facility and our Xin Neng Fibers & Nonwovens, Ltd. (China). Both facilities are closely linked and innovations transfer from one to the other. Some of the particulars of each facility are:

  • FIT
    • Polymers include: CoPET, PBT, Nylon, PLA, 4DG, PPS, UltemĀ® PEI, PP, PETG
    • Cut lengths from 6mm to 150mm
    • Fiber deniers from 1.5 to 32 denier per filament (1.7 to 35 dtex)
    • Crimp levels up to 20 crimps per inch
    • Co-extruded bicomponent fibers
    • Specialty cross sections (sheath/core, side-by-side, pie/wedge, etc.)


  • HXN (Xin Neng)
    • Polymers include: PP, HDPE, PET, PLA, PPS, PA6, PA66
    • Cut length from 6mm to 150mm
    • Fiber deniers from 1.3 to 10 denier per filament (1.5 to 12 dtex)