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Xin Gao Fibres

Founded as a melt-spun spandex manufacturer, Xin Gao Fibers has grown its operations with filament yarn production including bicomponent and varied polymer profiles.

Xin Gao Fibres, Ltd. (HXG) was established in Haining City, Zhejiang Province, China in 2001 as a state of the art manufacturer of melt-spun spandex. Specialty filament yarn capacity was introduced separately to our spandex workshop in 2006 to allow production of bicomponent filament yarns from a variety of polymers. A competitive advantage of our production process is the ability to produce dope dye, where color is introduced at the extrusion stage, making it inherent to the filament yarn. From this process we are able to produce a wide variety of colors for apparel industry.