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Cha Technologies Group manufactures and delivers products and services globally, servicing demanding markets with tailored solutions. 

Green Roof


Cosmotec has developed an innovative nonwoven material specifically for use in green roof applications. This material offers a perfect combination of strength and drainage and has the ability to be molded for modular installations. Find out more by contacting us.

4DG™ Fibers


FIT has developed a unique, patented cross-section for its staple fibers. The 4DG™ fiber was created for moisture transport, using capillary wicking in its many grooves. It is the most effective moisture transport fiber currently available today. The high surface area and deep grooves make it also particularly suited for filtration, insulation and material delivery from its grooves. Find out more about FIT.

New HVAC media

Air purifier filter replacement. Air purifier filter replacement.

In the HVAC air filtration market there is an ongoing demand for higher performance, improved energy savings and higher dust holding. HDK has developed a proprietary technology for self-support media providing lower pressure drop for energy savings. They also offer a higher performing wire backed media achieving MERV 10 efficiency. Find out more.



Makers of the Ad-Flow™ system, Advancetex has brought a new approach to hot gas filtration. The system offers a higher surface area yet fits within existing filter house footprints.
The system has proven to offer superior results in many industries and particularly in aluminium smelting where it is a key process improvement and cost savings. Find out more.

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