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Construction & Geotextiles

Tailored nonwovens serving the construction and geotextiles industries

Through its subsidiary Cosmotec (UK) company, Cha Technologies Group is an active player in the European construction and geotextiles market, providing bespoke products to market leaders.


Through our extensive know how in nonwoven manufacturing, we have designed numerous products with desirable features for use in geotextiles, including the optimization of material layers and extending service life, leading to economical design solutions. This product range has been used in the marketplace for:

  • Infrastructure – Geocomposite Filter Sheet
  • Road Repair – Asphalt Reinforcement Fleece
  • Containment – Bentonite Clay Component Layer
  • Tunnel Lining – Heavy Duty Protection Fleece
  • Geomembrane Protection – Pond, Lagoon Liner
  • Erosion Control – Coarse Fibre Geotextile
  • Equestrian – Full Arena Construction Packages


Cosmotec is a highly established supplier of nonwoven fabrics into the European pipeline refurbishment industry (trenchless technology or CIPP). We continue to be at the forefront of new product development in this sector.


We supply a number of roofing industry solutions including flat roof waterproofing membranes, single-ply roofing components and green roof substrates.

In recent years, Cosmotec has been at the forefront of the green roof boom in Europe and has developed novel solutions combining containment, draining and ease of installation.

Thermal & Acoustic Insulation

We have developed fabrics with specific performance characteristics, allowing clients to gain BBA approval in the UK for their products. Thermal bonded polyester insulation products do not require personal protective clothing during installation.

In addition to Cosmotec’s product range, Fiber Innovation Technology Inc (FIT) and Haining Xin Neng Fibers & Nonwoven Ltd (HXN) provide specialty synthetic fibers that are widely used in these applications.